Festival for Playful Public Spaces



A new virus has appeared in Krakow and is highly contagious! Two opposing groups will fight for the survival of the city of Krakow. The Virus Team, deadly and dangerous aims to spread their disease over the city. The Guardians on the other hand are Krakow’s last hope, its sole defenders. Will the Viruses take over Krakow or will the Guardians eliminate the threat once and for all? The teams’ only weapons are their speed and mobile phones! Infectopia is a variation of the game Αμπάριζα (Prisoner's base), where Viruses and Guardians employ different strategies to win. A team will need either to weaken and eliminate the other team by capturing its members, or to find and send the secret passwords that turn on the light projectors.

PLEASE WEAR RUNNING SHOES (or at least shoes you are comfortable running in).

How does it feel when a virus called fun takes over a city square?

Format: Game

  • October 04, 2014 21:00 – 22:00

Entropika (GR)


Artemis is an architect and multimedia artist working with interactive technology. She explores the urban condition, landscape and systemic design through large-scale interactive installations and hybrid objects while aiming at the active participation of audiences. Artemis has co-founded Athens Plaython, a street games festival and teaches workshops on art & electronics. She has recently shown her work at the Athens Science Festival (Athens 2014), The Art Foundation (Athens 2014), Piksel (Bergen 2013), ArtUp! (Sofia 2013), Digital Futures Victoria & Albert (London 2013) and recently established Entropika, an interdisciplinary design lab.

Artemis and Elina are collaborating with composer Stratos Bichakis and web developer/photographer Christos Koutosuradis.

Elina Roinioti (GR)

Elina Roinioti is a sociologist, a game designer and a Research Associate at the Laboratory of Digital Creativity of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University. Her field of research is online games and her field of action is game design. She has organized and designed several educational and scientific events and she has presented her work in five game festivals.

During Playpublik, Elina is collaborating with Katerina Koulouri.