Festival for Playful Public Spaces

Encounter - Photo Extreme

Photo Extreme is one of Encounter game. It is chalennge for photoraphers and models. Are You ready to take extreme photos?

Please register on site krakow.en.cx before game. Mobile phone (one for a team) is needed.

Format: Game

  • October 04, 2014 14:00 – 15:00

Departament Gier with Encounter teams from Warsaw and Penza (PL/RU)


Departament Gier (Game Department) - Polish group of game designers from the wonderful city of Łódź. We're making games since 2007, what interests us most is developing positive relation between city and its inhabitants. We're trying different forms to discover and develop this relation - historical based city games, educational games, sound games, Alternate Reality Games, board games. Since 2013 small part of Departartament Gier emigrated to Saint Petersburg, where we're searching for new ideas for our projects. Departament Gier is a part of Topografie Association.

Encounter is an international network of active urban games. Developed in 2001 by Ivan Masliukov become large network with over 8000 games played and over hundreds of thousands participants. There are several types of games within network, many of them played at night in abandoned buildings. However games can look dangerous there are not many accidents.

For Playpublik game we're cooperating with Encounter teams from Warsaw (PL) and Penza (RU).